About Lincoln Suites

A place that you will never forget

Lincoln  Suites Hotel Is a Famous Marshall Stop. Your Paradise.

Lincoln Inn is one of the biggest and the most loved resorts in Marshall. Our mission is to enrich people’s lives giving memorable moments for the entire life starting with a room with a wonderful views and finishing with lost of activities and offers. We don’t only provide services for our guests, but we are also preserving, protecting and enhancing Florida’s natural beauty and culture, while developing recreational and agricultural enterprises that are compatible with the environment.

We care about each piece of your stay – dining, activities, only best rooms. We have lots of propositions for introverts and extraverts as well.

You’ll be invited to two major areas of the property: the northern half which includes Oceanica Valley, containing most of the natural locations, and the southern half that includes Island Valley, an 800-year old ancient ocean shore, and our own “Secret Island” secluded beach, which you can bough as an additional offer!

Lincoln Inn Suites Hotel Is a Famous Marshall Stop. Your Paradise.

Located on the northeastern side of Florida and along the white sandy shores of Keywest, it is just 24 miles from Miami. The reserve terrain varies from dense rainforest to broad open valleys and from beautiful white sand beaches to verdant cliff faces. It is truly a paradise for outdoor recreation. Oceanica is open for many activities, we also develop new ones each year.The surf lessons are also available here – you can either bought the lessons or surf yourself.

“The hotel is really amazing and beautiful”

Lia Ancheta

The Lincoln Suites  Hotel is one of the most historically significant areas on Illinois, and in ancient times, it was one of the most sacred places on the island. Your patronage helps keep the Oceanica Hotel sustainable so that we can keep it undeveloped and preserved for future generations to enjoy and explore.

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Reservations Toll Free: +1 (217) 826-6535